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- Deep & Soulful house music dedicated to the people without any boundaries or limitations

DJ and producer Tedd Patterson has worked the turntables since the late 1970ís at the heights of disco music. Inspired by the lyrical interludes and expert production values of 70's club music, he began crafting his masterful style that mixes acoustic delight with peak hour intensity.

During the 1980ís he acquired a fierce reputation in the Atlanta club scene by combining alternative and early styles of hip hop music with forays into underground house.

Never predictable and always exciting, Tedd's stylized programming became the sound of the legendary Colorbox in Atlanta, where he had a residency.

His talent for identifying breaking music trends earned him one of Billboard magazine's coveted reporterships from 1985 -1991, and his expertise in the dance music realm led to New York and an A&R position at the respected indie label Emotive Records.

Tedd's career expanded to Europe in the early 90's beginning with a gig at London's Ministry of Sound, which continues to feature his talents regularly. Demand for his inimitable style continues to spread across Europe. His comprehensive knowledge of dance music, collection of rare vinyl, and genius for innovative and adventurous arrangement continue to widen his appeal worldwide.

Forever broadening the spectrum of dance music, Tedd merges deep, dark and soulful styles of house music with tribal interludes, Afro beat, tech house, and the occasional NY style disco flashback. He recognizes no musical boundaries and uses whatever means necessary to explore the unexplored while maintaining the integrity of that of the musical pilot. At New York's Crowbar and Sugar Babies he was renowned for heavy doses of intensity that would leave the crowd screaming for more between sets.

Tedd has become known as a "DJ's DJ" for inspiring many other spin masters with his sound, but his main focus has always remained on the dance-floor. For this reason, in 1996, Tedd was asked to join forces with Producers/DJs Tony Humphries and Little Louie Vega for The Magic Sessions - one of the most anticipated annual dance music industry events. Not content to play for his own ego or those of respected peers, he creates singular performances that play to each particular crowd. He is one of the few top DJ's spinning today that cannot be predicted, cannot be easily categorized, and cannot be listened to sitting down.

In his first major foray behind the boards, Tedd produced "Welcome to the Magic Sessions" for the venerable Strictly Rhythm label in 1999; it became an underground house hit and was championed by DJs on both sides of the Atlantic. The peak hour tribal house track brilliantly captures the wild energy of one of Tedd's DJ sets.

In addition to various remix projects, the latest production in his ever-expanding discography is "Roots," released on the highly respected underground dance music label Black Vinyl Records. A journey to the turning out the rhythms and sounds that leave club goers hungry for more.

............... Never predictable and always exciting!

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