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- Deep & Soulful house music dedicated to the people without any boundaries or limitations


House music veteran, Ray Coker, has been playing soulful house music for over 17 years. Before been based in Europe, He was one of the original house residence at the infamous Simons/Soulhouse/Plasma Lounge with an 11-year residency, where people came from all over the state of Florida to experience the soulful house vibes and become part of the family.  Ray Cokers Soulmovement nights is one of the most respected and leading soulful house music night in Scandinavia/ Europe/US with artists such as Marshall Jefferson, Bobby & Steve, Robert Owens, Neil Pierce,Craig Bartlett, Jask, Ron Carroll, Chrissy T, Roy Davis Jr, Ce Ce Rogers, DJ Spen, Neil Pierce,Audiowhores, Rasmus Faber,Mr.Mike,Gene Farris and many more who make the trip to come experience the dedicated crowd. Ray Coker has played alongside many of the house music greats; DJs such as Tony Humphries, King Britt, Tedd Patterson, Roy Davis Jr, Benji Canderalio, Brian Tappert, Dj Disciple, and Pete Heller, just to name a few. He has been recognized by his peers for his ability to create an unbelievable and uplifting journey to the people on the dance floor. Ray Coker has worked on numerous productions with artists and producers such as Due, Zinnah, Dhalia, Dennis Jr, Saint A and Jask. Ray Cokers Dj style can be described as playing music that comes straight from the heart& soul. To him, house music is a way of life. For more information on Soulmovement / Ray Coker visit & music is a way of life!

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Ray Coker

Marques Wyatt

Tony Humphries

Luke Soloman

Tedd Patterson

Bobby & Steve
King Britt
Benji Candelario
Gene Farris
Dj Jask

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